William W. Winpisinger: Education & Technology Center

Welcome to Our Facility

Winpisinger Campus

Everything at the William W. Winpisinger Education and Technology Center at Placid Harbor from the tastefully-appointed dormitories, well-lighted and airy classrooms and gracious dining area, to the full range of recreational facilities for use during off-hours is designed with you, the member, in mind. Nature's serenity, professional instructors using the latest in techniques and equipment, students eager to learn, all combine into an exemplary model of labor education.

At the Winpisinger Center, our members participate in a unique kind of learning program. Here, the emphasis is on shared experience. Discussion in the classroom and around the campus during breaks fosters a unique atmosphere for learning.

The Winpisinger Center enrolled more than 59,774 students since it opened its doors in 1981. The Center now teaches over 70 programs and offers a Bachelors Degree program where IAM members can earn their degree in Labor Studies in conjunction with the National Labor College. The center employs seven full-time educational representatives and forty-five staff members to ensure that every member is thoroughly trained and accommodated during their visit.